5 Best Android Shortcut Apps for Quick Access to Everything

Most of us know that Android is well-loved since it’s extremely customizable. Okay, it’s not entirely the safest and most secure mobile platform today but there are lots of means on how you can maintain your gadget personal. Google takes mobile protection seriously so you have nothing to worry about it. All you need to do is work with making your gadget absolutely your personal by customizing it.


An additional method to tailor your Android mobile is to alter the app symbols other than altering the themes. You can produce folders for very easy access in the future however developing shortcuts as you would in a desktop is more efficient. An app called ‘App Shortcut Maker’ allows you create faster ways not only of apps yet likewise various other activities on your mobile phone.

You can make use of personalized forms like perhaps an apple, Ace, heart, or an as a faster way icon. If you have icon packs, you can make use of any type of icon from the following: Start launcher, Go, Adw, pinnacle, Nova, and Aviate. To make things more interesting, you can also pick any kind of picture from your gallery. Ensure you give the shortcut a name too. To make things faster as well as simpler the next time you utilize your phone, set the Search Apps and also Favorite Apps to allow quick finding for programs you want to use or open.


Shortcuts for activities on your phone can be made. You can establish a faster way for opening a web browser or setting an automated alarm system. The app is free to download yet in-app acquisitions are provided. Not all functions we discussed could be offered absolutely free yet we advise the professional alternatives so you could create a symbol from pictures, utilize even more forms, and also open various other icon packs.

Download App Shortcut Maker from the Google Play Store


Tale Timeline


Google now allows you add a weather information faster way to your homescreen
Android N’s Launcher Shortcuts will be like iOS’s 3D Touch
Googles gets rid of Launcher Shortcuts, pressure-sensitive feature will certainly be postponed


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